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Janet's Plotter

Player: Featherstone
Date of Birth: May 7th 1982
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'8
Plotter: Link

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If Janet has a 'fame' of any kind, it's because of her works in Invertebrate Biology. Laypeople, more simply, would know her as a researcher at Willowhill College - whatever it is that she's doing there, exactly. More recently, and much to her dismay, she gained some local notoriety as 'that one person who found the dead Brit's body'.


She's well connected in the academic world, even out of her specific field. Otherwise, she's got few friends, but after some year in Sandsmouth she can't help but have a decent number of acquaintances.

Ongoing Plots

She almost literally stumbled on the Dead Scholar plot.

Looking for

Whatever is going on in Sandsbridge, it is a good challenge to her rationality. Rather than ignoring what defies her expectations, she's going to study thoroughly - and find a perfectly logical explanation, she assumes... As a player, I am willing to explore how Janet deals with discoveries that clash with her firmest convictions, and also how she interacts with the people she'll meet on such path.
Moreover, the fact she's not a social butterfly does not mean she's a complete loner. If you want to have any personal connection with her, just drop me a line!

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