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Plotting with Steele
Just my lucky day

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Player: BOOT
Date of Birth: April 10th, 1986
Pronouns: He
Height: 5'11"/180cm
Plotter: LINK

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Steele's a cop. He wasn't born in Sandsbridge and didn't even grow there, but he has been a permanent figure there for quite some years now, ever since he became a cop. Big city boy by heart, he hails from Boston and definitely still feels more like someone who fits in a busier atmosphere with a proper underworld scene rather than small town life. Always eats out if given the chance.

He's not interested in promotions and likes his job on the field – as there's less paperwork. Gruff and not the most sociable, he doesn't really have much of a social life as he tends to be busy either moping or finding out leads for something personal. Kids should know that it's not a smart thing to try to mess with him as he lacks humor when on the job and that would end badly for just about everyone. Overall he's not good for situations that should be stopped from escalating, but he's good in situations that already have escalated, quick to act.

And what even is his name? Some know it, even more don't, but no one seems to use it. And he never wants you to use it, either.


As he's a cop, it's not too uncommon to bump into him for one reason or another. Law enforcers or those who have dealt with the law enforcers for whatever reason are all potential connections. Doesn't have a big of a family and isn't married or dating. Few actual friends.

Ongoing Plots

Dead Scholar plot as a cop who was first on the scene. Well, after the first one who actually called them…

His police partner went missing some time ago.

Looking for

Dead Scholar stuff! Clues, witnesses, mystery, relatives, co-worker or civilian chats? All good.

Leads on his missing partner!

Any kind of awful plots that are painful and hit him in the face like a ton of brick? Sure thing.

Any criminal activities?

And sure uh in case there's any buddies, old or new…


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