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Night Outings
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Player: Jason Fourth
Date of Birth: October, 1 1982
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Ryan stood in his upstairs hallway looking out the window at the bay in the distance. The sun sat low to the horizon and pink-lavender sky met the orange ball as it crept closer to touching the sea. Now was as good of a time as any, he thought. Ever since his experience with the vanishing fishermen, he couldn't go a single night without dreaming of what he saw back on the island. He needed to go see the very Thing that brought him to Sandsbridge in the first place.

The pain behind his right eye was throbbing when he woke up in the hospital just a few months ago. It wasn't until he had a hearty dose of morphine that he was able to relax enough to notice a magazine next to his bed. Vision blurry, he flipped the pages of Coastal Life Magazine until his eyes landed on something that made his heart skip a beat; this was confirmed by a loud beep coming from one of the machines attached to him. That was his first time seeing The Maze. He knew he had seen it before though. Or something very similiar...but how?

Tonight was about finding answers. After moving to Sandsbridge he'd almost gotten answers from the one person who could help and now that man was dead. He was going to have to figure this out himself. Ryan made his way down the stairs, his hand tightly fixed on the antique banister. At the bottom landing, he picked up a green canvas backpack that had been waiting in a chair.

At the front door, he peered out the peephole. The sun was halfway sunken into the ocean now. He let a group of four tourists walk by, they chatted noisily while taking pictures of the historic houses. Once the coast was clear, Ryan cracked the door just enough to slide out. He turned, threw the bolt, and walked to the side of the house where his bike was chained up.

By the time Ryan made it to the road that would lead him out of town towards the woods it was fully dark. A thin crescent moon rose above him as the chilly night air blew through his hair. The town at night, Ryan thought, was quaint. Historic homes, gas lighting, cozy glow of moonlight. Despite all of the charm, he couldn't help but feel something was very, very wrong here. He had to keep going through. He wouldn't let fear hold him back.

Finally about half a mile from The Maze, Ryan hid his bike in some underbrush on the side of the road and after adjusting his backpack he began walking. He stayed to the side of the road concealing himself in the thickening woodline. He didn't think there would be any cars out here at this time of night, but he didn't want to risk being seen; better safe than sorry. 

A loon cried out in the distance startling him as the tree line gave way to the outskirts of The Maze. This was the first time he had seen it in person. A familiar wave of dread poured over him. Both freezing his veins and simultaneously causing him to sweat. The sliver of moon was positioned directly over the ancient place and Ryan felt himself drawn closer. Closer to the crumbling walls and the terrible altar.

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Player: Featherstone
Date of Birth: December 2nd 1952
Pronouns: He/Him
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Anthony, what was your fatal mistake? Too much knowledge, too little knowledge? Words, words like a bad song in my mind.

He contemplated the altar. Did he really want to court death? Why was he here, in the dead of night, pondering over Anthony's studies and his own repulsive puns?

But he could not sleep. His old friend's death was one mystery, a bigger one was his unfinished work. If only those stones could speak to him, in a way notes and papers could not...

He stood there, at the centre of the maze, observing carved stone as if begging for an answer that did not come.

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