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A few characters

Not sure what to play? Here's a few characters that could work well with our story. Unlike regular wanted ads, these are very general concepts rather than pre-made characters. Traits such as gender, ethnicity, age, personality, hobbies etc. are up to you - they'd still fit in their desired role.

Used Bookshop Owner - They own and manage a small bookshop not far from the Harbor. Maybe they had it from their family, maybe they acquired it from a previous owner who seemed to be in a rush to leave town. Anyway, they often deal with curious old tomes and other amenities, and their shop is almost an obliged stop for anyone intrigued by the town 'unique' atmosphere. As for them, they could be interested in occult and secrets, or just exploit those silly legends because it's good for business. *N.B.: this concept had been taken by a player that then went on an indetermined hiatus. Said character hasn't been deleted, but is inactive to all purposes. No reason, however, not to have two quirky shops in Sandsbridge.

Elliot-Calthrope's Heir - Maybe their relative, maybe just a friend, pupil, or lover who inherited their books and personal notes (whether they inherited their other assets, it's up to you). They come to Sandsbridge to get what belongs to them and to keep an eye on the investigations.

Private Eye - You work in Sandsbridge as a private detective; your typical clients are jealous spouses, however sometimes you're handed a juicier case. Granted, lately there's no lack of those. You're often on the same cases as the police, but you work on your own; also, you're oftne hired to investigate on mysteries that aren't technically crimes, or that are too odd to talk about those to authorities.
Sandsbridge Historical Society's President - A learned, well-connected individual who knows their fair share on the town's history and was a personal friend of Sir Elliot-Calthrope.

...and their Girl/Guy Friday - Unlike their boss, they don't know so much about history or anything; they just needed a job, and being a personal assistant didn't sound like a bad idea. Regardless to their interest, they often run errands that'd get them involved into anything peculiar. N.B.: if you take this character while their boss is still Wanted, I'll play them for you as an NPC.

The Gossip - For whatever reason, they have too much time on their hands, so they spend it getting nosy about anything vaguely interesting that's going on in Sandsbridge.


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