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No Turning Back - Dr. Janet Rivers - 09-09-2017

What time was that? Her mouth tasted like grogginess, her sight blurred. Sleeping by day, that's not a brilliant idea. It leaves you torpid, sick, more tired than before. It does not delete whatever thoughts you were escaping from, just in case you ever had such hope.

As she sat on her sofa, slowly shaking that foggy swampy feeling that lingered in her head, the memories of that morning were all too clear. Now don't play the traumatized idiot. Nothing really happened to -you-.

She was fine. She was free. The only sabotage actually coming from her own head - nobody had treated her like a suspect, for fuck’s sake. Maybe she wasn't that terrible at playing her own role. And her skull had not been cracked, which made her a very lucky person, by comparison.

It did not move. Except in some shred of fever dream she just had - did she have fever? Nah, it was just daysleeping; that had been a really poor choice.

What if I call sick and just stay here? You don't call sick with friends. They're not work, they're not a chore.

She took yet another shower, which succeeded at waking her up completely, if nothing else. She still wanted to quietly hide in her corner and - do what? Rewatch her video tapes? Sit down and write a paper? Too many thoughts, not nice or productive ones. She could as well go out.

She drove to the town's center and towards the harbor. Did it mean she had to tell the entire episode once again? Taylor would like to know. Besides, talking about books and movies as if nothing had happened had probably creepier implications on her own state of mind. Maybe, telling the whole thing sitting comfortably in front of a cup of tea would have turned it into something different. A fact of life, something people talks about instead of walking on eggshells as if from such eggs monstrous creatures could appear.
She parked not far from their established meeting point. She hesitated a few minutes before sending Taylor a message, to let her know she was there. No turning back, now.