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Who's Who - featherstone - 09-02-2017


A comprehensive list of our playing characters. Names with an * belong to players we haven't seen in a while. They're still part if our cast, and only tagged for plotting convenience; if they're yours and you're back, just let us know.

Adrian Willis - Very British Pub owner - played by Willowleafs

Dr. Alix Ayes - Doctor - played by Opal

Dr. Janet Rivers - Entomologist - played by Featherstone

Erika Laing - Journalist - played by Featherstone

Hannah Karver - Girl Friday - played by ((O))

Joshua Flynn - Vlogger - played by StrangeHaven

Justine Carter - Sheriff - played by RaneyDay

Matthew O'Hara - Field Biologist - played by Willowleafs

Michael R. Sargent - President of Sandsbridge Historical Society - played by Featherstone

Preston Bayweather - Artist - played by RaneyDay

Robert Sullivan - Insurance claims adjuster - played by Isandhlwahna

* Rory Autumns - Student - played by Hope

Ryan Pierce - Former diplomat - played by Jason Fourth

* Samantha Jenkins - Student - played by Meritania

Steele - Policeman - played by Boot

* Taylor Draper - Bookshop owner - played by ViolentViolet