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Timeline - featherstone - 08-29-2017


Here's all our scenes in their appropriate order.
As a rule, new plotlines will go at the end of the timeline.

August 2017

The Fourth Branch - An interview with the Sheriff

Under the Effect - A tourist experiences strange symptoms

Afterparty - Bob is a witness to something

Altered Data - A body is found in the marsh

Yankee Doodle - Steele meets the Sheriff

No Turning Back - Janet meets Taylor

Fish and Chips and a Corpse - Smithson's report

If Walls Could Talk - Ryan and his monsters

September 2017

Natural Light - Preston painting on the beach

The Leopard and the Snake - Preston's dream

The Tiger and the Snake - Preston's trip to the old bridge

The Labyrinth and the Snake - Preston in the maze

A Bug of a Different Color - Preston meets Dr. Rivers

A Day in the Life - Erika meets Joshua

To the Edgy Part of Town - Erika and Joshua go clubbing

"Hunting" of the Shrew - Matthew in the woods