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Player: BOOT
Date of Birth: April 10th, 1986
Pronouns: He
Height: 5'11"/180cm
Plotter: LINK

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Registered: 08-24-2017

Last seen 05-11-2018, 05:31 PM.

Local time is 07-16-2020 at 05:34 AM.


: A mostly Caucasian man not quite six feet tall with strong shoulders and a moderately athletic build, though hardly with bulging muscles and a sculpted body. Steele has a physical job and it shows, and overall "thickness" just envelopes his body. His facial features are quite masculine and angular with strong, square jaws chin, his nose similarly angular and quite straight when looked at from the side. From the front though, it looks slightly lopsided, like as if it has been broken at some point. Steele's eyes are quite narrow and a nondescript gray in color, often looking like a squint or a frown, but that's just how he always looks. Hair is usually cut short and is some kind of lightish brown or maybe a dark, dirty blonde? It's pretty hard to say. Clean shaven in the morning and not so clean shaven in the evening. Would wear sweats and old dirty faded coats with holes all the time if it was up to him, because fashion just isn't something he thinks about, you know?
Additional Notes:

: Born and raised in Boston by a widower mother, Steele ended up stumbling to Sandsbridge before his police office career even properly started as it was the closest place that actually had an open spot. While there was nothing particularly wrong with his home life and he of course loves his mother dearly, life in a rather bad neighborhood has raised him into a strict man with quite a bit of roughness around his edges and a no nonsense sense of justice when on duty. Lives and breathes streetsmarts – but it's too bad Sandsbridge isn't exactly that "street"…

Thinks well on his feet and acts quick, but does worse in diplomatic situations or anything that requires delicacy. Performs at his best when paired up with someone who can dial back his worst qualities and do what he cannot. Had such a police partner from the start he pretty much built his entire career with, but said partner has recently disappeared and put Steele quite on the edge – not just because his performance suffers, but because they were quite close. Obsessed with the missing person case, Steele doesn't really have much of a personal life these days, his mind elsewhere.

Jogs religiously, probably because he has a hard time turning down food. Packing heat, as he is a police officer. Really misses the abundance of restaurants and take away concepts that were everywhere in a bigger city. Legends say he has a first name as well, but only a few have heard of it and no one seems to mention it.

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