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Darrel Rupert Mora

: He's usually smiling; he needs to be in his current line of work. He has light blonde hair and a black beard, and wears glasses. (Usually black ones, but he has other colors.) He favors turtlenecks and jeans (often visibly worn ones) when not actively working (since while actively working he's required to dress in Subway approved attire, some of which he has to buy from Subway.)
Additional Notes:

: Darrel isn't from Sandbridge; he originally moved there from Medford to attend Willowhill University. He grew up in a fairly typical middle class home, went to a decent school, and had time left over for whatever sports he wanted to play. (Especially during summer.) He swam a bit for two years, but most of his attention went to running track, which he did all of his elementary and middle school years, and for his first two years in high school. He gave up sports entirely his junior year in high school, however. He'd found something he liked better. He found Photoshop. He found Macromedia Flash. He found computer-generated art in general, really, but those were the two programs he'd learned to use himself. He even took classes in photography in order to get raw material for shops. He'd wanted to try to make a living at it, but his parents persuaded him there was no money in it. So when he went off to college in Sandsbridge, he decided to major in Chemistry; everyone said STEM was where the money was. Why not?[br] [br] That's not to say that he stopped using Photoshop, of course. He met a gaming group while he was at Willowhill, and kept using his Photoshop and Flash skills to create art related to their games. Character portraits, maps, and such. But he didn't take any more classes in it, and academically he just focused on getting that chemistry degree.[br] [br] Now, two years later, he kinda regrets getting into chemistry. He hasn't found a job in it, and is still working at the Subway he worked at in college. It pays the bills, but not much else. He'd like a better paying job. One that uses his degree would be nice: it would get him a decent amount of money and job security, and more respect than a "sandwich artist" gets. (There [i]is[/i] an art to it, if done properly, but good luck explaining that to someone who hasn't worked preparing food.) And he's sure he has the skills for an entry-level job in that position, if someone's offering him one. But that's not what he WANTS to do.[br] [br] He still wants to do the same thing he wanted before college. He still wants to go into digital art. If he met someone who was willing to show him how to make money off of it he'd take them up on it, if he believed they could actually help him and didn't have to give up his job at Subway until he was already getting results.[br] [br] But in the meantime, he is a sandwich artist. He works down at the docks, and is seeing the opiate crisis everyone talks about on the news firsthand; fishermen are especially vulnerable to the temptation of heroin because their job tears their bodies apart and most common painkillers are based on the same active ingredient.[br] [br] And now something stranger is happening. People are coming in high off of something they call Shubnam. And somehow nobody can agree what that something is. He's heard junkies describe it as a drug, or a song, or sometimes refuse to try to explain it at all. He's scared of what's happening, he's wondering exactly what's going on and how dangerous it is, and he wonders if he can't figure out what Shubnam is himself if he gets his hands on some. He's got to get something out of his degree, right?
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