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Ryan Pierce

: Could he be more New England? It's not his fault. He was groomed to be a certain way since birth. Tall, athletic, head full of sandy blonde hair, and a mouth full of straight, white teeth he is the poster child of the perfect American Man.
Additional Notes:

: Ryan Pierce was born in the early hours of the morning in Montpellier, Vermont, the only son of the towns mayor.
When he was 14, his father became the governor of the state, and Ryan began high school at an elite boarding academy in upstate Maine where he matriculated with the children of other politicians and diplomats. Four years later, coinciding with his graduation, his father received a presidential appointment and became the ambassador to the Crotowin Island Nation of the South Pacific. It was an odd appointment but the tropical location and the prospect of a gap year before heading to university were enough motivation for Ryan to follow his parents and take up residence on the Island.
That summer was seemingly as perfect as anyone could hope but the island seemed to become claustrophobic for him and as the year drew to a close he couldn't make it back to the mainland fast enough. Some said it had something to do with a local girl who had gone missing, but of course, those were only whispers. In truth, Ryan had witnessed a murder but the details were so bizarre he knew people would think he'd lost his mind. Instead of going to the authorities he fled to the states and dove into his college career.
The next six years were spent hunkered down at Yale University where he obtained a Bachelors in Political Science before bewildering his parents and getting his masters in Anthropology. When asked why he would mumble about something he saw that summer on the island. If pressed, he would simply get quite (and if he was home, he'd pour another bourbon.)
In the years after college, he bounced around jobs in Boston and NYC making too much money and relying on his family connections when he got bored with the corporate culture and moved on to the next hedge fund operation until that one too bored him.
His life changed forever 2 days before this 30th birthday. First, his father died suddenly and then he received a call from the current President of the United States (another family friend, even if Christmas at their Newport house could be tedious). Heartbroken and now stunned, Ryan was asked to fill the ambassadorship his father had held all those years before. Of course, he accepted which caused an uproar. Not only was he only 30 years old but he had no past real political experience. The media screamed nepotism, but Ryan just felt like the islands were drawing him back.
Ryan would be lying if he said he didn't love it though. Once he got there, the island really was magical. His home was an old plantation house that overlooked a craggy coastline and after a few months of really getting a handle on the job he met Josephine, the daughter of an American General was visiting her family on the island.
Within 6 months they were married.
It really was perfect. Until it wasn't.
The official story is that an uprising lead to the evacuation of the Ambassador, but unfortunately not before his wife was a casualty. What happened was more sinister. There was no coup. Ryan knows a witch doctor from the local tribe kidnapped his wife. When he pursued the witchdoctor to the beach he saw something massive and awful rising from the waters off the coast while tribesman performed a ritualistic incantation. Ryan passed out at that moment.
When he finally woke, he was in government hospital in DC. After being told he was relieved of his duties on the islands he sank into a deep depression. It was while laid up in a hospital bed he found Sandsbridge for the first time.
Inside a tiny article in a throw away magazine left by his hospital bed was an article about a professor he’d never heard of. It was the photo that accompanied the article that drew his attention. They were runes or symbols of some kind. Something he saw back on the island. Something that immediately arrests his mind and refuses to let go.
Now, Ryan has slipped away from his past life and discreetly made his way to Sandsbring, MA. He knows that there must be answers in this town somewhere and he’s determined to find them, even if he dies trying. (OOC If he doesn't know you, he will lie about this)
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