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Date of Birth: 11-11-1957
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Adrian Willis

: Adrian Willis, Mr. Willis to most of his guests, is a rather average sized man. Hitting the 60 mark soon, he is in remarkable good shape, considering he's surrounded by, and known to sample, good food and drink. He had his glasses pretty much all his life, and were he to get contacts, he would no longer be "Mr. Willis", so he keeps them.

Adrian is meticulously and impeccably dressed at all times. He feels it a service to his guests, and a part of the image of "The Very Britsh Pub". Besides, he was brought up on the idea that a gentleman should dress his part. Dress pants, buttoned shirt, vest. All of them clean and ironed. These were his trifecta of clothing. He wore fitting shoes, but he had to compromise on those, as he was standing and walking around all day, so they had to be comfortable more than they had to be fashionable.

Willis took a rather affected pronunciation during working hours, the stereotypical posh accent that just screamed "cultured Brit", which was a tad over the top at times. Off-duty, he had a much less pronounced accent, though one could still quite clearly hear his distinct Britishness in it.
Additional Notes:

: Adrian Willis was born in Liverpool in the tail-end of the year 1957. His parents ran a hotel and bar in the city centre, and young adrian grew up surrounded by new faces at all times. Well, mostly new ones, as the bar was a bit of a fixture for the locals, too, and there were quite a few regulars that came in every evening after their work. He helped his parents from the moment he could, not because he had to, but because he wanted. He liked the hustle and bustle of a crowded bar, helping people find what they wanted, but not necessarily knew they wanted.

After his primary education, Adrian took some education towards getting his own licenses for opening and running his own establishment, all the wjhile running the bar at his family's inn. He also started reading about different types of beer, as there was a slow but steady shift from "just a pint of lager or ale" towards more adventurous drinking going on. Not among the town regulars, mind you, but with the tourists there surely was. And Adrian wanted to please ALL guests. He also was doing some shifts in the kitchen, just to be able to cook the most basic of dishes. A well-rounded barkeep was a good barkeep in his vision.

Around his 30th birthday, Adrian had managed to save enough to be able to start out on his own. But the economy wasn't in his favour. There was no way he'd be able to start a place of his own anywhere in the area of his beloved Liverpool, so he would have to set out. So, with typical plucky determination, Adrian set out alright. He decided to go across the ocean, to the former colonies. Or, as they liked to call it, the US of A. He had to go through a LOT of hoops to get there, and get all the relevant papers to do what he intended to do, but as he had no prior problems, and all the right papers and such, he managed to get all the needed permissions in a relative timely manner. All in all, though, it had taken him 5 years of his life to get to this point:

That was almost 20 years ago. He had arrived in the USA in Boston, and met the nicest woman there, as he was getting his bearings. She had been from Sandsbridge, originally, and they had hit it off immediately. Adrian had been working at a local bar, due to having to to get all things in order, and to actually have enough money to live. She got Adrian to visit her hometown one day, and the two talked about starting something there. They had ended up in Sandsbridge again about 10 years later, and decided now was the time. Why Sandsbridge, you ask? Well, why not Sandsbridge, Adrian would ask in response. They didn't have what he had to offer, and he liked the place. So he and the misses, as they had been married in the intervening years, went and got "The Very British Pub" started. Adrian wanted to bring a slice of his home to his wife's home, and still give the patrons something to talk about, hence the overly thematic ambiance. He knew it was too much, but to the people here, it wasn't. It was, apparently, exactly what was needed.

Still happily married, miss Julia Willis, born Danvers, now does most of the books, as her husband runs the practical end of the business. She had always been a bit of a stickler, and as a certified accountant she had all the skills to keep the pub afloat. Beyond that, she shows herself in the pub from time to time, just to be able to catch up on the local gossip. She was, after all, still a Sandsbridge girl at her core.
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