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Image Credits: Anthony Ginsbrook

Player: Hope
Date of Birth: May 29th, 1998
Pronouns: he/him/his
Height: 5'11

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Registered: 09-09-2017

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Local time is 07-16-2020 at 12:19 AM.

Rory Autumns

: Quite skinny and lanky. Caucasian but has some color to his skin. His hair is very dark brown and tends to look black at times. His eyes are green, almost like an olive with gold flecks. He tends to wear casual clothes, which includes a lot of hoodies and jeans. Converses and sneakers are a must have in his wardrobe unless he's doing a lot of walking on rough terrian, which leads to a good pair of timberland brown boots he keeps on hand. On his right wrist he wears a brown leather weaved bracelet with some black and silver beads intertwined. On his left wrist are a bunch of black jelly bracelets. A pair of military dog tags around his neck with his late older brother's name on them.

Around his neck are usually headphones as pictured in the icon, with a sony MP3 player in his hoodie pocket. As he feels IPODS are inferior and refuses to use them. He also keeps a black camera bag around his shoulder, and has the camera itself in his hand. It's a Nikon D500 DLSR. Black with red trimming.
Additional Notes:

: He is a nineteen year old college student at Willowhill, who is majoring in photography. He spends a lot of his free time roaming around Sandsmouth, sometimes getting into trouble by being too nosy and taking pictures or simply being peaceful and finding the best spots to hang or have quiet time. His mother died of cancer when he was twelve. His father is an alcoholic but he's never been mean or abusive. He spent a lot of time in the military, and he's seen some things, so he never really had a lot of time for Rory or his brother Jackson. He never made time more like. So, the brothers spent a lot of time together and ended up becoming each others' pretty much everything aside from the obvious.

They took care of their father though, loved him unconditionally. Jackson wanted to understand their father, so he joined the marines. Rory didn't want him to join though, and years later his prediction came true: his brother died being beheaded by an ISIS member, just two years ago. Jackson left Rory his dog tags, among other things and Rory can't help thinking: this is all I get? I'd rather just have him back.

Rory lives at home with his father, still takes care of him but ventures out quite a lot and goes to school. The young man has a slew of issues to deal with, such as the deaths of his family members, feeling insecure, feeling selfish all the time, depression and a bit of sarcasm and snark that takes a bite. He has a thing against fish, touching or eating them.
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