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Field Biologist

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Player: Willowleafs
Date of Birth: 17-02-1979
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6'4" (1.93 m)
Plotter: LINK

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Registered: 09-08-2017

Last seen 06-27-2018, 12:32 PM.

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Matthew O'Hara

: Matthew is a rather tall and burly man, his strawberry-blonde hair in a wild bushy do, and with an equally bushy and wild beard. His slightly pale complexion is rarely seen, as the parts that do get shown to the world on a regular basis are pretty much tanned from being outside en in the wilds a lot. He has green eyes, that shimmer almost like emeralds in the right light, but are rather ordinary-looking under most circumstances.

Matthew is usually wearing sturdy outdoors attire (khakis with removable pants legs, meshed reporter's vest for storing stuff, backpack and hiking boots) when he's out in the wild. When he isn't (which is rare), he prefers to dress rather casual: jeans, hoodie sweater with a band logo (mostly well-known metal bands) and sneakers would be the most common way to find him in. He has a rather significant baritone to his voice.
Additional Notes:

: Matthew is the only son of a rather affluent family, that originally made its money in the trade between the colonies and the homeland, and switched to import-export after the War of Independence. Still a well-known player in international trade, if not a really big one, they continue to make money by shipping stuff from places that have it, to the places that want it.

Matthew grew up fascinated with the stories of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as his peers call it. He read all he could about them, went on hikes in the local park, hoping he'd find evidence. Obviously, he didn't, as they lived in a rather urbane area, but it didn't deter him in the least. After high school, Matt went on to study Biology at Harvard, due to familial "interference" to get him there, ending up majoring in Zoology. He figured he should study animals that were known, to better find the one that none had yet studied. Besides, it offered the best way into being outdoors a lot, which would increase his changes of actually finding his elusive 'prey'. he joined the Bigfoot Field Research Organization in 1998, and has been active with them ever since. Something his parents didn't really like, but as he was considered an adult at the time, they couldn't really stop him. At least he had the good manners not to go brag about his heritage....

Currently employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a junior Field Biologist, he's been sent to keep an eye on the fishing around Sandsbridge, and the surrounding environments. This suits both him and his family quite well, as the family wasn't too thrilled with him choosing this life over joining the company, and Matt isn't too happy with being constantly reminded of that particular fact. At least, to his parents, he has a steady job with the government, which is at least something to keep their son away from his "foolish pursuit" of his long-standing hobby. He has been assigned a small apartment near the docks to life in, and although it's nowhere near the luxuries of his old home, he felt right at home there.
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