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Player: Featherstone
Date of Birth: May 7th 1982
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'8
Plotter: Link

40 Posts
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Registered: 08-12-2017

Last seen 06-20-2018, 05:40 PM.

Local time is 07-16-2020 at 03:51 AM.

Dr. Janet Rivers

: A tall, slender woman of African descent, Janet wears a serious, thoughtful expression most often than not. At a first meeting, she may give a vibe of uptight aloofness, an attitude that actually disguises her slight skittishness around people. She dresses formally when required, and otherwise as practically as possible; outbursts of vanity and creativity being apparently alien to her nature.
Additional Notes:

: If asked to define herself with a single world, 'scientist' would be the one she'd utter without hesitation. Janet, indeed, is a scientist both by profession and by temperament, her gaze on the world full of an inquisitive fascination that's immediately disciplined by the iron reins of rationality and skepticism.
Specialized in Entomology, she currently holds a position as a postdoc at Willowhill College; a destination she chose over more prestigious institutions, as it allowed her to focus on the local fauna, whose peculiarities are a puzzle she's determined to solve.
This is not to say she only care about knowledge for knowledge's sake: she has no issue admitting she cares a lot about her career, as she wants to see her achievements acknowledged. That's why she probably worry about her reputation more than she'd need, caring about others' opinion in a way that would have utterly disappointed her younger self.
Out of her professional field, and with a few notable exceptions, her connections tend to be either perfunctory or slightly apathetic; sometimes she wonders if she's been actually missing out; in all honesty, however, she's been living her life in the only way she knew.
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