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Image Credits: Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Player: ViolentViolet
Date of Birth: Feb 29 1992
Pronouns: Female
Height: 5'8"~5'10"

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Registered: 09-04-2017

Last seen 09-10-2017, 06:49 PM.

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Taylor Draper

: She looks a lot like the picture, but with much curlier hair, which is also just a bit darker. her skin is less of an alabaster, and more just pale. She is usually slouching or sitting, so you don't often realize how tall she is, until she reaches for a book on the top shelf, and then its like, oh yeah, she's tall... Likes: Grey, Black, and Amethyst purple, so will wear those, with small variety. She has quite a few pairs of earrings, depending, but that is about it for her variety. surprisingly well muscled for someone who spends lots of time sitting in a bookstore.
Additional Notes:

: Taylor is a major bibliophile, and always has been, getting in trouble for it during school. Varied books in her personal collection drew her attention to methods of communication outside of auditory language, such as sign language or images. She was raised out in the midwest, and moved east for college. Majoring in communication, with a focus on the nonverbal variety, she went through high school with a minor in a specific field of biology, where she met some interesting people. She can often be found with weights behind the counter, when there are no active customers to occupy her while she is reading.
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