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Homesecurity consultant

Image Credits: Photo by Aleksandar Popovski on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/Jy4ELSGPHTc

Player: Willowleafs
Date of Birth: July 15th, 1964
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Height: 5'9" (1.75m)

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Registered: 01-07-2018

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Mateo Salazar

: Mateo is an elderly-looking Hispanic man, in his mid-50's. He has a rather weathered face, with dark-brown eyes that speak to the things he has seen already. His black hair is streaked with lines of silvery-grey, and his full, bristly moustache is more greyish than it is black. He usually dresses quite stylishly, as is befitting a man that runs a business. Black pants, faux-leather loafers, crème-coloured dress shirt. It's not overly pricey, but it does the job of making him look respectable enough.
Additional Notes:

: Mateo Salazar had been, what they would these days call in the papers, a "troubled youth". Not that he was that bad, mind you, but it did lead him to an early career in crime. Burglary, to be precise. He had a knack with locks, mostly the mechanical kind. He would probably have ended up on top of his 'game', hadn't it been for some unforeseen complications.

One night, Mateo was out and about looking for a challenge. He had 'done' pretty much all offices already, and apparently the cops weren't any the wiser as to who had done it. But hitting the same place twice wasn't his thing. Not that quickly. So, he had been looking for other pastures. And he had found a near-perfect mark: a solitary house, two stories and almost never anybody home. That last part was key to his M.O., as he would never hit a place that had people in it. It was bad mojo, and it worked against his slow and meticulous method. But this house, it was perfect. Or so he thought. He had cased the place, hadn't found any of those newfangled CCTV systems (this were the early Eighties, after all), and there hadn't been any signs of life for over two months.

Thing was, all of this was due to it being a 'secret' rendezvous address for a state politician of some stature. This would come and bite him later, he'd find out. But what did him in, well, that could best be described as "pure unlucky": there had been a covert surveillance of that street for something Mateo never learned about. All he ever came to know about it, was that THEY did have cameras. And they caught him doing his thing on them.... And with his rather unique style of jimmying a lock, well they linked a lot of other cases to him as well. But it was the politician's retreat that saw him spend time behind bars.

It hadn't all been bad, though. He had been placed in a prison for low-risk inmates, and he had managed to get an education. He left his previous life behind him as he exited that prison after serving his time, and he never looked back. Well, not really. He never held a grudge for his arrest. He always knew he was in the wrong with what he did, even if he never broke anything, and only ever took the most impersonal things he could find. So, when the cops did their jobs, he wasn't feeling vindictive over it.

Mateo has kept his nose clean ever since, and even found a way to market his old skills in a perfectly legal way. He now runs a small business that specialises in home security, preventing people like the old him from doing what he once did. Living in a rather unassuming house on the edge of town, Mateo seems like the quintessential 50-something self-employed business owner. And despite, or perhaps due to, his past experiences, he remains a rather jovial and friendly man in general.
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