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Player: RaneyDay
Date of Birth: September 1, 1977
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'7"

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Justine Carter

: Justine Carter moves with grace and energy, though her 40 years are starting to show. The thick glasses she's worn every day of her life certainly don't do much to hide the crow's feet and laugh lines that have gathered around her gentle green eyes. Ash blonde hair falls straight to just beyond chin length, framing a squarish face with high cheekbones, a bold nose, and full lips. She generally looks serious, contemplative, and introspective when her face is at rest. She's a solid-looking woman, one who walks with purposeful strides, one who effortlessly takes up all of her space without apologies. Her blunt fingernails are never painted, but are kept neatly trimmed, and her idea of make-up is sunshine, a good moisturizer, and some chap stick, not really bothering to try to hide or mitigate her years. Hey, she's earned 'em.
Additional Notes:

: Daughter of former Sheriff Kevin Carter, who raised her alone after her mother died from cancer when she was 8, Justine has been the local Sheriff for 11 years now. Before that, she was a deputy sheriff, and before that? A patrol officer. Sandsbridge is her home town, and she loves it fiercely. The town is large enough that there's some excitement, but her days have mostly been filled with thefts,drug busts, bounced checks, assaults, and drunk & disorderly arrests. She's worked the odd homicide here and there, but to her, Sandsbridge is a pretty nice gig for a cop. There's enough happening that she never feels bored or useless, but she doesn't suffer from the same level of overwork that big city cops do. There's also a smaller force, which means she gets to work a wider variety of cases...which she still does, in fact, hands on...see "small police force."

Practical, straightforward, and a firm believer in hard evidence, she is a skilled investigator adept at using every tool at her disposal to get to the bottom of her cases. Since graduating from the Academy at 21 she has never actually had to draw her gun in the line of duty, though she's drawn her pepper spray or her baton on occasion. She's skilled at using her demeanor, her authority, and her calm, resolute manner to resolve most problems. That's not to say she's above chase and tackle, and she's certainly had days where people have gotten physically rough...but all-in-all, the work has been routine.

Never married and never a mother, she unwinds by getting out and enjoying nature: hiking, kayaking, and fishing are among her three favorite things to do. She's also an active member of a local non-denominational church, and attends community events on the regular both in and out of uniform. And she's certainly not above grabbing a companionable drink at the local bar when she's got the time. She doesn't quite know everyone in town, but it's a sure bet that she knows many of them. And whether someone is familiar to them or not...well, they're hers. This is her little corner of the world to protect, serve, and make into a better place, and that's a duty she takes very seriously.

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