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Sam Jenkins

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Player: Meritania
Date of Birth: ?/?/1998
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5" 7' (1.7m)
Plotter: LINK

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Registered: 08-29-2017

Last seen 09-12-2017, 09:00 PM.

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Sammantha 'Sam' Jenkins


Sam is 5” 7' (1.7m) 19 year old atheletic sports-science Freshmen at the University of New Hampshire.

Physical Description

She is average height and physically fit. She has a slight tan from being outdoors a lot. Her facial features are blue eyes, a subtle nose but is subconscious about her pouty lips. She is a dark brunette and traditionally wears her hair up in a pony tail.

Common Clothing

While her outfit may change with the weather, her most distinctive article would be her blue & white UNH athletics jacket.

Additional Notes:



Sam is a driven individual who believes gains come at the price of hard work. This influences other aspects of her personality including organisation and regimented. She would dislike people who are lazy or even laid back.This isn't to say she isn't sympathetic and would choose to help people who need it rather than not help at all. She is an outgoing individual who remembers who holds her friends and family closely.


Her main interests are her atheletic activities, she would likely use her downtime training for her cross country championship.

Main Biography

Sam was born and raised in Sandybridge in 1998.

Her grandmother ran the Willowhill hotel, a family business that went way back. It was by no means profitable but managed to keep afloat. One of the many regular visitors to the hotel was family friend Sir Anthony Elliot-Calthrope. While he was often busy with his research, he always took the time to eat at the hotel's restaurant.

Her grandmother however died in 2012 and the hotel kind of died with her. Without the smell of home cooked stews filtering through the hallways, the tourists stopped coming and the hotel sold up. Sam struggled through High School with her family's problems but she powered on through and attained her university scholarship. It felt hard to lave her family and friends but she could always see them during the holidays and at weekends.

Sam has returned for university to attend the funeral of her family friend.

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