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Player: Garcia
Date of Birth: 17.03.1958
Pronouns: He/His
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Donald F. Anderson

: Donald has been putting on weight since living in Sandsbridge. Although he has managed to sort of balance his weight, getting rid of some of it somwhow never worked out. Generally, he's not a person who sticks out of a crowd, although his height and the combination of suit and trenchcoat he wears at work somehow help being noticed nonetheless. Generally, there#s not much Anderson hasn't seen on the job and thus, he likes to think of himself as someone who's hard to surprise and who doesn't easily get uncomfortable on the job. This has also provided him with a fair number of anecdotes and stories he likes to tell to people.
Additional Notes:

: 'Duck' Anderson grew up in Annapolis, Maryland but left for greener pastures as soon as he could once he was through with school for good. The trauma of Vietnam was fresh, but he still enlisted. He married, saw a lot of the world and generally enjoyed his time with the service, even though it cost him one marriage and almost another. Provided with the choice of either looking for another job that was a bit more predictable and also more geographically stable or going through the whole divorce circus again, he retired from the Navy and tried his hand in several odd jobs before ending up in Police Academy. He liked the challenge and has stayed on the force ever since. He would have been content to ride out his tenure as a simple Detective, but ended up taking the Sergeant's exam after some persuasion and convincing from his Captain, a step he started to regret after being relegated to desk duties more and more. While it was a necessary job, it made him realize that he cared more about being outside and doing things proactively than filling out forms correctly and in three copies most of the day. This not being content with his job carried over into his private life, which was what killed his second marriage. Thus, when he asked for a transfer back to where things happened, his Captain promised him something a bit less dull and sent him to Sandsbridge so that Anderson could sit out the time until mandatory retirement there in relative safety while still being able to feel somewhat more relevant. It didn't take Donald long to see what sort of location he had been kicked upstairs to. Still, it was better than the clerical work, even if nothing ever happened... So he started to arrange with circumstances and made do with what he had. Because his job is somewhat slow, Donald started branching doing some community work in his spare time. His hobbies include building models, cooking and reading. He is active in a choir and also still an avid swimmer. In his free time at the weekends, he coaches a local swimming team. Sandsbridge started to look somewhat okay, once he got used to the quiet. Or so he thought.
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