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Full Version: Nikki the Tattoo Artist
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It emerged in another scene that my character Erika has an ex-girlfriend with whom she's still mad. By now, all that we know about her is that:
- her name's Nikki (which may be a nickname, no pun intended);
- she's a tattoo artist
- she's either gay or by - or anything conducive of sleeping with Erika (who, for reference, calls herself PoMoSexual)
- Nikki and Erika had quite a bad break up

Is there anyone who wants to play her? I'd like if someone showed her side of the story - Erika blames her for everything that's wrong in the world, but Erika isn't exactly famous for her wisdom or saintliness. I'd like not only to discuss what actually happened between the two of them, but possibly to explore their future developments. I'm open to (almost) anything: from the two getting back together to hating each other forever, with all the shades in between. I'd like if they -had- to meet again due to some plot, facing the awkwardness that'd ensue. 

('Awkward' is Erika's unfavorite word; she still uses it all the time).

Also, and most importantly, Nikki would be good character material on her own: while most of her customers are "cool" college kids, thanks to her job she'd have the chance to meet or hear about some peculiar individuals and get involved in her own adventures.

Feel free to flesh her out as you wish; the details of their past relationship should be discussed together, but anything else is up to you.

As for her appearance, while browsing random images I stumbled in a few options, each of which could maybe inspire a different story. These are just ideas, however. If you imagine her entirely different go ahead - Erika doesn't really have a type, so anything works.

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash
I believe I should like to take Nikki!
That'd be awesome! Any detail in mind? Smile