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Full Version: A Mulder to my Scully
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I'm looking for a personal connection for my character Janet. Ideally, they'd be a friend, but if you have other kinds of relationships in mind, I'm open to explore them. 

As for the essential concept, most likely they'd be an academic like her, but into either liberal arts or soft sciences. Without being full-blown superstitious, they'd be more open-minded on the possibility of something not entirely explainable by science and rationality; a topic on which they had often argued with my hyperrational biologist.

I'd love to see their interactions as more and more strange things happen in Sandsbridge - and also to have a buddy for Janet more in general.

Most specifics are entirely up to you or anyway bargainable. The only part that's mandatory is being fairly close to Janet and having an opposite view on the supernatural.
So you are essentially looking for a bibliophile-academic person, potentially also the bookstore owner? Or should the bookstore owner be distinct?
Now that I think about it, they could be the same person! Especially as the bookstore owner is going to be relevant soon enough for a plot. So that's fine for me, go ahead. Smile
okay, done that. should I list the Entomologist as a connection?
That'd be nice! I'm replying to your plotter right now to discuss details.
(09-04-2017, 09:17 AM)featherstone Wrote: [ -> ]That'd be nice! I'm replying to your plotter right now to discuss details.

Taylor took a bio class, in addition to her literature and language classes, so she would know at least a little of what Janet is talking about(She took them for classes on tetrachroma, colorblindness, and synesthesia. Basically genetics stuff for ocular irregularities. Can go deeper, but too much detail)
Okay, then, that works! If we ever need more details I can come up with various excuses for an entomologist to be there, from academic PR to a guest lesson on how sight works in other species. ^^
The sight in other species is something Taylor would probably be interested In. bees, for example, see in a different spectrum than humans.
Okay, the player won't be around for a while, so the position is open again. Anyone interested?
Well, I do have a zoologist that has no qualms about crypto-zoology, and that could easily be extended a bit more into the supernatural realm. His prim&proper mom will dislike him al the more for it, so there's a plus Wink

In clear words: Matthew would gladly be a buddy for Janet, and would have no trouble going "Mulder" on her believes Wink
She could find a reason to join your open scene! If you're okay with that, I'll ask RaneyDay as well before hopping in.
Well, it is open for a reason, I see not why I would object to it. Smile
If you are interested in having more than one connection like this, I'd offer a possible connection to Hannah through her grandmother Lydia.

If she was looking to get experience in wildlife biology or wildlife care, grandma Liddy is a licensed rehabilitator and mostly works with volunteers (she can't pay them much of anything, so it's mostly a lot of bio students or passionate people looking for experience in the field)

If Janet volunteered there, she probably would meet Hannah, who once upon a time was the logical half to her sister Clara's superstitious coin, but has since been flipped by the path her life has taken, and is far more open to impossible possibilities.

Or, alternatively or additionally, if Janet grew up here in Sandbridge, she might have been a friend or acquaintance of Hannah's from childhood. 

Up to you!
She didn't grow up in Sandsbridge, however I'd love if she could meet Hannah for any reason. I don't think Janet would be your typical volunteer, but I can imagine doing that to please some eccentric academic whose favor she needed... I can definitely do something with that, I'll let you know when I have some clearer plan in mind. Smile

Also yes, more connections are good! While I opened this thread looking for a very specific dynamic, I'd like to find friends for Janet. I mean, she's a dork, but I'm sure she meets people sometimes, not just insects!