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This may be something I missed, but is there a way to quickly and easily see if people have posted on threads that you have previously posted on? I know about the subscribe feature, but I was hoping for a page that lists all threads and notes when/who last replied ( kind of like what you can see on the home page, but a comprehensive list)

I'm having a hard time remembering where to look and I fear that I may miss responding as right now I'm kind of just checking everywhere.


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You can subscribe to threads and see them from your User CP. That should work for your purpose - although I admit I'm not all that familiar with it, since being the admin I keep an eye on all threads anyway.

Moreover, your plotter has a second tab called Tracker where you can link all your scenes. It's mostly to keep a timeline of your character's story, but you can use it as a reminder as well.

I hope it helps!

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