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technical issues

Here's some F.A.Q. concerning the technical functioning of the board. 

Q - I can't send PMs! How can I fix that?

A - Only OOC accounts can send and receive PMs. This is to avoid messages getting lost once you have several accounts. So just switch to your OOC account and write from there. 

Q - I posted my Plotter, or some other text I copied and pasted from somewhere else, and it looks all wrong. Why?

A - That's an inconvenience of the visual text editor - the one with the white field, that lets you preview your post as it'll appear, instead of showing code tags. When you paste some external content into it, it tries to "read" it, but in doing so it adds lots of unnecessary and often plain wrong bits of code. So, whenever you want to paste anything into the text editor, first of all select the "source mode" button, that is to say the little white sheet at the end of the row. It'll read what you paste as plain text.

Q - I have sorted my account as IC and filled my character description, however it doesn't show on my profile page. What's wrong?

A - After joining the IC group, you have to set it as Display. It's on the same page where you join groups. Joining a group lets you access features such as the custom fields where you describe your character, however it's the Display option that tells the software to, well, put them on public display.

Q - I have three or more accounts, but in my Account Switcher I can attach only two. Why?

A - You can link as many accounts as you wish, however not in any order. If you use Account A to attach Account B, and then you make Account C, you can still attach it from A's control panel. However you can't log in as C and attach any of the others, or attach C by using B.... If all this gets confusing, just detach all your accounts and attach them again, now using your OOC account's control panel. That should do the job.

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