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Gruesome Murder in the Marsh

Player: Featherstone
Date of Birth: 11th June 1989
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5'5
Plotter: LINK

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The day after Elliot-Calthrope's body was found, this article was published, signed by Erika Laing.

Gruesome Murder in the Marsh

The tortured corpse of Mr. Elliot-Calthrope, famous British occultist, was found at night in the wetlands, on the island known as the Crown; the Police won't reveal the most gruesome details of the scene, however it is known that the body was subjected to both savage violence and sophisticated mutilations. This, combined with the identity of the victim, hints to a ritualistic aspect, possibly linked to satanic cults.

The victim, who was renown for his studies on magic, alongside anthropology and archeology, had a special interest in the carvings that cover the ancient maze for which Sandsbridge is famous. Not long before his death he had held a public lecture, talking about his latest discoveries and revealing he was close to translating the mysterious signs. A reveal that might have doomed his destiny.

The Police claims no suspect has been identified yet, and keeps the reserve that such extreme circumstances must impose. Investigating on the case is Officer Steele, a man of few words and dogged resolve: no time to lose in idle niceties, as he's devoted to the hunt that has just begun.
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