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Apparently Introduction #2
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hello! I'm Opal, and if you guessed that I was born in October and am uncreative with usernames you would have guessed correctly. 

I'm still fussing around with avatars as I've yet to figure out the exact right dimension, so if my picture changes six thousand times, don't mind me. I've been doing online RP for the past sixteen years, though forums aren't my mainstay and I'm relatively inexperienced with them. I lurk on RPG-Directory a lot trying to find The Right Thing since I tend to be a shorter, less embellished writer and write in more of a novelist's style than most of the hundreds-of-words-per-action style of a lot of forum games. I also like my stories to be character-driven and STed, which seems to be an uncommon commodity in forum play. 

It also seems to be exactly what's going on here, so I'm trying this out!

My timezone is US Eastern but because of a hectic and abnormally-timed work schedule, my online times don't really match what my timezone might indicate and are pretty unpredictable. Since I do most of my internet-ing from work, the best way to contact me is really just through PM. I'm planning on retooling an old nWoD character for my first, and then the inevitable next twenty five will be brand new.  I can pretty much be persuaded to play just about anything in high quantities and am the easiest enabled person in existence. Feel free to convince me to do things. 

(As a note, I am legally vision impaired and may struggle with big wall-of-text posts that aren't broken up well -- not that I have seen any here so far, and the readability of this layout is fantastic -- or things that are heavily stylized like doHTML templates. Forgive me if I incorrectly process a large amount of information the first time or take longer to respond to really big posts!)

Image Credits: WerbeFabrik

Date of Birth:
Pronouns: She/Her

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Hi, Opal, and welcome again! I admit, your post prompted me to go and search what was going on with October and opals, because, despite your alleged uncreativity, I wouldn't have guessed!

As for avatars: they are supposed to resize automatically, so as long as they're square and not rectangular they should be fine. If you've issues uploading them, try to turn your picture's format into .png. Not sure why, but it worked fine for me.

Thanks for the feedback on readability, and tell me if you find any issue later on. I care about keeping the site accessible and not a pain. ^^

At the moment I put no hard rule on templates - mainly because I've never seen overly "fancy" ones out of some specific niche. Of course, YMMW. This may change if tons of unreadable ones start to appear, because I don't have much love for them... Personally I don't use templates my characters' posts - I'm often writing from mobile, which isn't the best for coding. I do use them for info and ST posts, but I keep them simple. The one template that's required to players is the one for the plotter. I took all the wall-of-code and stuck it into much smaller tags, so it *shouldn't* be terrible. Still waiting for someone's feedback, however.

Ok, so now I'm looking forward to see your first character - and all the following ones. ^_^ See you!

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