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Hi everyone! I am Featherstone, the board's Admin - that is to say, the twisted mind behind this project.

I come from Italy, but when online I mostly RP in English, as it allows me to reach for a wider audience.This is my second experience at board-making: in fact, I am also the proud owner of a Vampire: the Masquerade game, that's been active for a couple of years now. This time, however, I wanted to try my hands at something different: focusing more on pure storytelling rather on powers and statistics. As I mentioned in the Player Guide, there are a few literary inspirations between Built on Sand; the setting, however, is essentially an original one, so be ready to anything and expect no canon to be followed. I hope you'll enjoy the result almost as much as I do!

As a side note, I am quite a busy bee in real life; with a few exceptions, I find the time to post quite regularly, however I can't promise I'll be in the cbox all the time. If you have any question, but can't see me around, just send me a PM - you'll get a reply as soon as I'll log in. Additionally you can add me on Skype (my ID is: fthrstn), or send an email to: featherstonest@gmail.com

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