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Banquet - Food Personified RP
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Welcome to Banquet, a town filled with enchanted food who are humans, with human memories, and human lives. However, there are most who know of their food life, and they like to leave it behind. They have the spirits of food, somewhat like a patronus in Harry Potter. Their personalities can mirror the type of culture they're known for, having different traits or appearances like where the food is from. Their personalities can vary, but most just want to seem as human as possible, as they have now human emotional needs and wants.

How did this begin? How did food end up in a town named Banquet? Well, that's simple. A woman, anonymously named the Culinaromancer enchanted tons of food from her witch cottage, in a faraway land. The spell went haywire, so tons of food from around the world were transported to a city she created. Surprised at what happened, the Culinaromancer gave them cursed memories, but a slight memory that was faded of their life as a food. She was just lonely, but now she had to rule over a town filled with people who were previously inanimate.

what path will you take, in the world of BANQUET?


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