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Knowledge, be my Witness!

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Player: Featherstone
Date of Birth: December 2nd 1952
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'9

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Why so dramatic? Well, a murder was dramatic enough, for heaven's sake. The murder of a friend - wasn't that an excuse for any attitude, anything, really, that could pass under the name of a coping mechanism?

So, was it the reason he was there in the library? When he had a perfectly practical office, conveniently furnished and located? Choosing a setting for his own murder? Because, in the event he had to die, it could at least happen in a charming place.

Thornton’s old library. Closed to public, today. Appropriately closed, as a sign of mourning.

So he was alone. He'd called Hannah, asked her to meet there. He'd come before time, however. To spend some minute by himself, surrounded by books, by memories.

Or to set all the perfect conditions for his own demise?

Was he worried for his own safety, really? Anthony had warned him, and they had shared so much. Danger wasn't obvious, but not unreasonable either.

(Or was he jealous? Because Anthony was the protagonist once again? His wife used to say that at a wedding, he wished he were the bride, and at a funeral, the corpse. That wasn't, however, entirely the case).

He waited. The sound of steps approaching. Was that his angel of death? Most likely, however, it was just Hannah.

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