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Irony comes calling
Homesecurity consultant

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Mateo startled out of his thoughts a little when the doorbell rang and Daisy let out a very lazy (and unconvincing) bark. He got up, waked over to the front door and saw the familiar blue of a police uniform, and the face of the sheriff herself even. Noticing that the weather was not getting any better, he opened the door without much delay. Thanks for coming, please come in. Weather's not getting any better, it seems. Mateo spoke with only a hint of his Hispanic heritage, having taken on the local accent rather thoroughly (unsurprisingly, as he was, after all, a local) He stepped back enough to let her get inside, before closing the door.

DIdin't expect you to look into an attempted burglary yourself, Sheriff Carter. But I can't say I'm not happy with it. He gestured towards the living room. In it were a rather large couch, two comfortable looking seats and a coffee table, all of which seemed to have belonged to a set of things at one time, but none to the same one. The back wall was completely taken up by a full bookcase, and there was a flat-screen TV on the wall across from the couch, surrounded by pictures. On the table was a small assortment of locks, new, and some still even in their packaging. Mateo sweeped them in a small box, along with what looked an awful lot like a set of locksmithing tools.

Could I offer you a coffee? Or are you personally looking into this because it is so busy at the moment? It was quite clear that this man, if he even held a grudge towards her, or her profession, it wasn't showing at all. More likely, though, was that he really didn't hold one. If so, I'll stop wasting your time, and we can co straight to the matter, of course. He shooed the old pitbull off the end of the couch, who only responded after the second time, then took position on a throw-rug in front of it where she seemingly went back to napping.

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