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"Hunting" of the shrew [OPEN]
Field Biologist

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After that first night, Matthew got into a bit of a rhythm: Wake up, eat, look for the elusive shrews, eat, prep, go look for the elusive Sasquatch, sleep. Repeat. By the end of the week he had more than enough material to make an interesting vlog out of, and enough data to keep the guys back in Boston happy. He'd most likely have to do it again in a few years, providing he was still here at that point. He also had a much better appreciation for the area, and its "Squatchiness" This was, in his opinion, prime 'real estate' for Bigfoot, and he was really happy he had volunteered for this post, despite the potentially slow acceptance that places like Sandsbridge were 'known' for. He kept the sherrif's advise in the back of his head: mingle, interact and try not to be a loner.

As he exited the woods on Friday afternoon, it was going on 4pm already as he hit the harbour, he decided to drop off his stuff, freshen up a little and hit some local bar, or even several, to see if there were any that he fancied enough to start visiting regularly.

Cryptozoology sound nicer than crackpot. But it lacks the scientific method. I hope to bring 'm together. Some day.

Matthew speaks in sienna.

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