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"Hunting" of the shrew [OPEN]
Field Biologist

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Matthew just full-on grinned at the question. He had that one coming, for his sentence was way beyond 'bad structure'. Well, not exactly for the shrews, mind you.But for this. Matthew made a broad gesture around his campsite. The joy of being out here, surrounded by nature.. As the chests were moved around, where he made sure he was chivalrous enough to lug the heavier, he purposefully choose the one without the beer to sit on. One did not mess with people's beers. Something even a rich kid like him was bound to learn at one point, and Matt had been no exception.

As they sat, he handed Justine a pretty pristine metal mug, wherein he poured a large helping of coffee, before getting a much more dented one for himself, which he filled in much the same way. For a few tentative moments, Matthew pondered if he should tell her the REAL real reason he didn't mind being sent into the woods. Then he realized that, yes, anyone with a working internet connection, more than half a working mind, and with his name in hand (so to speak) could rather easily find that out, as he had never really made it THAT big a secret. Besides, his rather easily identifiable face was with a lot of it, so there was little use in trying to 'hide' it from someone who's whole job was to figure stuff like that out. Best to head it off on his own terms, then.

To be totally fair, the shrews around here, and all other wildlife, it is very interesting. It'd be odd for a zoologist not to like it. But seeing as I'm not the hardest guy to look up, I'll let you in on my personal reason to wander the wilds with wondrous glee. He hesitated just a second. The next part wasn't exactly basic fare, after all. I'm a bit of a Bigfoot aficionado. So, by day, I survey whatever my employer wants me to, and some nights, I see if I can find some evidence to finally prove the big furballs are out here. Beyond my own believes, that is. Science won't take my sincere word for that, after all. There, he had said it. This was usually the point where there was either a friendly end of conversations, or a barely stifled laughter. Sometimes both, and only seldom was it neither. He'd see what would happen now, then.
Cryptozoology sound nicer than crackpot. But it lacks the scientific method. I hope to bring 'm together. Some day.

Matthew speaks in sienna.

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