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Hi, I'd like to say I'm a long time lurker but the website has been up less than a week, but taken as proportion as the amount of time the page has been up, it's a long time.

Hello, I'm a UKer so you can expect me to post in the morning US time. I have been a roleplayer for about a decade and have ran a number of forum thread based RPs but I've never any did any board based stuff, so I made help to navigate every now and then.

While I do tend to favour stat-based RPs, I do like character driven plots where the story is guided by a GM and that's what attracted me to the format of this RP.

My experience with the genre is limiting but I think that might add to my characters lack of savviness and I'm definitely up for some psychological horror.

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Welcome, Meritania!

You're correct - no need to be genre-savvy at all, as your character isn't supposed to start with any unusual kind of knowledge. Actually, one of the reasons that made me choose an original setting is avoiding that situation where a player is looking up monsters in the wiki while their character is supposed to be utterly clueless. ^^ That breaks the mood a bit!

A board-based RP like this isn't all that different from a thread-based one, except that's divided into scenes. Anyway ask if you need anything!

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