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1 - Content &
i - Built on Sand is a mature-themed RPG; by registering you declare you are at least 18 years old.
ii - Our content may include topics that are disturbing in nature. References to topics such as, but not limited to, violence, death, gore, suicide, drug abuse, may come untagged, as they are essential to the plot; those who prefer to avoid them aren't advised to join our community.

2 - Accounts &
i - Please create an OOC account, and an additional IC account for each of your characters.
ii - There's no limit to the number of characters you can have: create at your heart's content.

3 - Activity
i - We have no word count: write as much or as little you find appropriate in each context.
ii - We have no activity check; a character who isn't involved in any ongoing scene or plot can be inactive indefinitely - we'll just assume they were busy elsewhere.
iii - Once your character is involved in an active plot, however, we demand a minimum of commitment: if you're away for longer than a week, please inform the Staff and your RP partners. If you're missing in action for more than two weeks, and you have made no attempt to contact the Staff or respond to PMs, your character will be written out of any ongoing plot or scene as effortlessly as possible; this may include your character's death if more conservative options aren't sufficient. If, on the other hand, you inform us of your absence and stay in contact with us in any form you deem appropriate, we can agree on the most convenient way to put you on hiatus as long as you need.
iv - A character can take part in more threads at once; however, we recommend you check whether they may have meaningful influences on each other (in case of doubts, consult the Staff).

4 - Role-play
i - Please write in third person and past tense, avoiding chatspeak (unless your character is texting IC).
ii - The usual etiquette of RP applies, with behaviour such godmodding (controlling another character's actions), metagaming (allowing your character to know information they had no reason to possess IC), and thread-hopping (jumping into someone's scene without permission) being forbidden.

5 - Images & Copyright
i - Please only post images and other material that you have the right to use - whether because they're Creative Commons, your own creation, or because you had permission from the author.
ii - Please provide credits for the pictures you upload, even when not required by the licence, so one can see where they come from.

6 - Personal conduct
i - Remember to keep IC and OOC feelings separate: IC drama is welcome, but it should have no reflection OOC.
ii - Be respectful to all members. We accept no bullying or harassment, nor do we tolerate discrimination for factors such as, but not limited to: age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, occupation, disabilities, religion, or nationality.


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