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Yankee Doodle - Steele - 09-09-2017

The clatter of cutlery and plates, murmurs of speech, laughter, some English rock that blended together with it all into some sort of background noise. People walked to and fro, faceless masses that oozed on the side like some kind of a single mass. Or at least that was what his surroundings felt like to Steele, who wasn't really paying any attention to anything except his food, the rest of the world barely existing. As usual, he had gotten himself as far away from the door and the bar counter as possible, but with the setting sun came those who had just gotten off from work and needed some time to unwind in a bar setting, making The Very British Pub a busier place than he would have liked.

But beggars can't be choosers. Steele himself had recently woken up, the last night's shift dragged further into the morning due to the newest murder case – and it took its time for him to wake up properly. He couldn't say he had slept that well either, which probably explained his quite greasy kind of breakfast choice well in the day, The fried eggs and bacon were slowly shoveled into the man's mouth, not much thought put into it. A half empty cup of coffee waited beside him.

It was his own little cove, a dimly lit corner away from everything else. True, his own apartment would have been more relaxing and solitary, but it didn't have the food! Well, it did, but, well. Steele didn't care much for the cooking part. He didn't care much for the dressing part either, but it was a small price to pay – though it wasn't like he had put much effort into that either, never the kind of a guy to willingly walk about in stuffy suits. Luckily it was a t-shirt season.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Justine Carter - 09-09-2017

"Heard you caught a murder."

Justine was here for much the same reason-- to catch a bite to eat. Her table had also been short on ketchup, and she hadn't felt like flagging down a waitress. As was her habit, when she needed something she just got up and got it. She knew where the condiments were kept, and it wasn't a huge deal. 

As it happened, the condiments were kept by that dim little corner. 

So there she stood by Steele's breakfast perch, a bottle of ketchup in one hand and the cup of coffee she had simply carried with her to sip on the way in the other. She was in full Sheriff's uniform, as she so often was. She spoke quietly, hardly wanting to shout details like that across the entire restaurant, but having seen Steele sitting there she couldn't resist.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Steele - 09-09-2017

A voice Steele recognized was just enough for him to stir from his eating stupor, still in the middle of chewing as he glanced in the direction of the sound. It was… The sheriff. Carter. His eyes looked the woman up and down, swallowing his mouthful. Seemed like the news had spread fast. Was no surprise that the sheriff was going to end up hearing about it, but to a man who basically just woke up, it hadn't felt all that long between now and when the body had actually been found.

"…Yeah. Apparently incurable and fatal," came his response. An attempt at a joke, perhaps. No tongue-in-cheek tone in the cop's voice, as usual. Whether or not that was something that would make it or break it was probably up to the listener.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Justine Carter - 09-10-2017

Well, he got a smirk out of Justine at least. That kind of gallows humor was certainly stock in trade for law enforcement professionals of every stripe, and the Sheriff was no exception.

She didn't banter back, but she asks, "SPD got you working it as lead? Or did they push it up to someone else?"

It's all professional curiosity, at least by her face and voice. She doesn't seem to have any interest in playing Jurisdictional Arm Wrestling, but then, Justine never has been. She usually wanted to know what was going on, but was usually so she could pass on information that she or her own people found if it related to someone else's case. Sometimes stuff criss-crossed all over the place in a large small town like this one. 

And places like this weren't a bad spot to trade information. She put the ketchup down on a nearby table, pushing up her glasses a little bit as she kept her attention on Steele.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Steele - 09-10-2017

Steele dug his fork into the bacon and cut off a small piece of that delicious fatty piece of animal flesh, not even missing a beat as they were talking of a murder and a body he had seen himself. Spearing the egg next, he cut off a similar piece of its delicious goodness and put that package into his mouth, chewing it all into mush before swallowing. He certainly hadn't lost his appetite.

"Not me. Was the end of my shift when we went to secure the place and collect evidence," the cop replied, eyeing the sheriff's movements as she returned a bottle of… Ketchup on a table nearby. But it wasn't going to be easy. Steele bet the crime scene was a buzz of various investigators by now, and getting any results from what they had gotten was going to take some time still. It hadn't been that long…
"…Seems like it's gonna be complicated. Figure they'll get some big shot detective to run the show."

RE: Yankee Doodle - Justine Carter - 09-11-2017

He was probably more than correct on that front. But she decided to drop her tidbit anyway. 

"I suspect your vic colored outside the lines a lot," Justine observed. "All in the name of his research. He was a nice guy. Likable. He never caused trouble, exactly, but he spent time with people who did. If you told me he'd smuggled some artifacts he shouldn't have smuggled? I wouldn't be surprised. If you told me he dabbled in drugs? Also wouldn't be too surprised. Could have some enemies."

She stood back up, snagging her coffee. And her ketchup. Her hashbrowns were waiting back at her own table. "I'll call you if my office stumbles across anything that might be relevant." And he could pass it on to the bigshot detective. Or, eventually, could pass the bigshot detective's number on to her if he preferred. 

Even as her mind started running down the list of what she'd do if it were her case. Stop that, it's not your case. You have your own case to pursue. You've got a whole mess of crazy drugs fucking people up all over town, remember? 

Maybe she'd try to meet the big shot detective anyway, just to keep an eye on things. And call in a favor for a copy of that case file. Just for her own information.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Steele - 09-11-2017

Steele frowned at the sheriff's comments on the victim. He didn't really know the guy – there was nothing he had done to end up under his watchful eye, after all. Guy was innocent as far as their current files said. But did that mean it was the truth? Not necessarily. And that could, of course, be one motive for murder. The case already was a tricky one, but to add this to the mess… Seemed like he was going to have to learn a lot more about this deceased Brit scholar than he really would have cared to.
"…I'll keep that in mind," Steele's, well, steely gaze had seemed to grown a bit distant for a moment before it returned to Carter.

But then again, maybe a part of him was strangely intrigued. The little he knew of the victim, the guy sure seemed to be into a lot of strange shit.

"Yeah. Thanks," the cop nodded, gruff around the edges perhaps, but he was not ungrateful. Extra help in a case like this was only going to be a perk, even if it was possible they couldn't exactly return the favor. Perhaps he had already talked too much – but who was going to rat him out? Who would care? It was the sheriff. Steele took a sip from his own coffee, deep in thought as he returned to his food when he was left alone.

RE: Yankee Doodle - Justine Carter - 09-11-2017