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Natural Light (Open) - Preston Bayweather - 09-07-2017

Sunlight reflected sharply off the waves lapping onto the shoreline. Some distance from where the sea made its hard effort at eroding the land sat one Preston Bayweather, perched on a stool in front of his easel. He was painting the sea, though not just the sea-- he had a commission for a steampunk novel where one of the major scenes involved an airship crash over the vast ocean. 

Here, he could get the exact color of the ocean, and capture the way that it moved. If he were being a real purist he'd be doing this out on a boat, miles from land, but he felt he could extrapolate without going to such extremes. Boats moved. It was hard to paint on a boat. Here, too, he got the benefit of natural light, warming his shoulders and back through the fabric of his mostly-pristine white starched and collared shirt. 

He some distance from the parking lot that gave access to the beach, though post Labor Day as it was the beach was largely deserted anyway. A few people taking walks, but no sunbathers and certainly nobody out for a swim. He didn't want to get in anybody's way. And he was making good progress, all-in-all. The airship on his easel had a vibrant red balloon that stood in perfect contrast to the blues of ocean and sky. Of course, the airship was on fire, making the whole thing rather less idyllic. He decided he'd do a more hopeful, on-spec airship piece after he turned this one in.